I Don't Know Why

People say horses are gentle,

And doves are beautiful,

And no one has vultures at home instead?

I don’t know why

The bud of a clover

Is known lower than a red tulip?

Eyes must be washed

Things must be seen differently

Words must be washed

Words must be the wind by themselves

Words must be the rain by themselves

Umbrellas should be closed!

We should go under the rain

We should take our mind, our memories into the rain

With all the people of the city

We should feel the rain

Under the rain

Friends must be found

Love must be searched

Under the rain

One should sleep with a woman

Games should be played

Under the rain

Things must be written

Words must be said

Lotus must be planted

Life is a continuous saturation

Life is swimming

In the pond of this moment

Let’s take off our clothes

Water is just one step away!

Let’s taste the brightness!


- Sohrab Sepehri

Azin Ghoreyshi